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November 2017, Vol. 5, No. 6

Value-based healthcare is steeped in technology and policy

Healthcare in the form of value-based care brings together an interesting mix of technology, government policy and medical know-how. I appreciate the foundations of value-based healthcare, which focuses on federal reimbursements for improving patient outcomes and will eventually replace the traditional fee-for-service setups. In other words, providers receive payment not for the amount of tests they order, but rather if a patient gets better. A good dose of customer service may be needed to make that happen. Some might label that patient engagement, a term very familiar to clinicians. I compare it loosely to guests at a hotel: They may pay for a room, linens and amenities, but they'll only come again if they're satisfied with their overall hotel experience. Likewise, patients will naturally prefer hospitals they know will make and keep them healthy. That brings us to technology's role in value-based healthcare, which is the focus of our November issue of Pulse. In many ways, the approach to this type of care is as much ...

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