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November 2016, Vol. 4, No. 4

How PHR vendors can drive interoperability, patient engagement

Today, many online personal health record vendors offer free data hosting services for patients as a means to attract them to store data on their servers. However, despite the no-charge model, many PHR sites suffer from a lack of widespread adoption that has commonly been linked to a lack of easy access to patient data that resides in many of today's closed EHR systems. As a result, a few vendors have opted to shut down their websites, while others continue to support the early adopters with the hope that the push for interoperability will accelerate and more data can be easily transitioned into their systems. If interoperability allows more personal health record (PHR) vendors to enter the market and easily transfer data to their systems, their business could morph into a fee-based service model where they charge for additional services. Integration and storage figure into PHRs PHR products currently available in the marketplace fall into two categories. The first is technologies offered by the EHR vendor, which tends to have a...

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