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November 2016, Vol. 4, No. 4

Busting the early myths about blockchain in healthcare

Martha Bennett, who's been in IT for 30 years and researches emerging technologies at Forrester Research as a principal analyst serving CIOs, can see the appeal of blockchain in healthcare. "Where you have a need for a system where you have a reasonable level of trust that the records have not been tampered with and where several different parties need to access the records but … the parties don't necessarily all trust each other 100%, from that point of view, blockchain is potentially a good candidate," Bennett said. "But most people don't really understand what it takes to put in place an end-to-end system." Martha Bennett Bennett added that there are a lot of problems that blockchain in healthcare seems to promise to fix that may not be totally true. With that possibility in mind, she busts three blockchain myths for healthcare organizations: Blockchain enables full patient access to health data. It creates interoperability among EHRs. It fosters immutable health records -- in other words, records that cannot change. Patient ...

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