VIDEO: The hottest tech at HIMSS 2011

Trying to sift through the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2011 program, but having a hard time figuring out how to prioritize? Features Writer Don Fluckinger runs down the top technology topics among the exhibitors, education sessions and keynotes at this year's show.

It's probably no surprise that tablets such as the Apple Inc. iPad and its competitors -- the Research In Motion Ltd. PlayBook is one -- will take center stage. Other technologies -- business intelligence, clinical decision support and even desktop virtualization -- aren't that far behind, however. Watch our video to see what else makes our HIMSS 2011 "greatest hits" countdown.

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VIDEO: The hottest tech at HIMSS 2011

Don Fluckinger: Hello. I am Don Fluckinger, features writer for SearchHealthIT. As you
know, HIMSS is such a huge show. You got the key notes. You got the views
from the top. The exhibition halls are just gargantuan, and the education
sessions, you try to squeeze in edgewise between everything else you are
trying to do. How do you figure out what to prioritize, especially on the
exhibit hall floor? Well we have identified some pretty hot technologies in
health care information, and I will share those with you now.

Definitely on the top of the list of hot technologies are tablets, led by
the iPad, of course. There is a huge ecosystem of software vendors
developing applications for them, as well as virtualization vendors who are
trying to make it much easier to connect iPads to the hospital network.
Take a look at some of the interesting things that are happening there.
There might be some EMR connectivity options that will make your physicians
and nurses walking the floors of your hospital a lot happier. The iPad
isn't the only tablet in town anymore. There will be some others showing up
on the floor. One that is particularly interesting is Research in Motion,
the Blackberry folks. They have their playbook, and I understand that they
are going to be debuting some pretty interesting health care specific
applications on the floor.

Also keep an eye on business intelligence and analytics software. Right
now, hospitals are trying to figure out how to collect and analyze
information so that they can do their quality reporting better for both
meaningful use and ACO requirements that CMS is throwing out there at them.
Telemedicine also looks to be a pretty important technology at this year's
HIMSS, because insurers are starting to understand that they can be
reimbursed and they can be useful, and Telemedicine vendors are putting it
all together: How to get patient information from online visits into
electronic medical records, turning the fruits of those visits into CCD
documents and having something that you can actually turn in and claim for
reimbursement. That saves hospital visits and can fend off some unnecessary
testing which is where, obviously, the industry wants to go with healthcare
reform, saving money and helping everybody's bottom line.

Another big technology that is not necessarily a technology but a category
is Cloud storage and Cloud services. While EMC and Dell might not be
showing up on your radar as far as vendors you are going to be working with
next week or next month, they both have a couple of pretty big Cloud
services announcements. Taking a look at what they are offering and what
they are talking about might give you a window into the future of what your
organization might be doing next year or the year after because at some
point the Cloud is going to be a huge player in healthcare; it is just that
people have to figure out how they are going to be using it.

That about wraps it up. I will see you at HIMSS.

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