The benefits of deploying an application monitoring tool spoke to two users of Compuware Corp.’s Vantage application monitoring tool at the HIMSS10 annual conference. Our first subject explained how monitoring mission-critical applications made physicians more confident that IT systems would work as they needed them to.

In this video, Curt Kwak, CIO of the Washington state region of Providence Health & Services, explains the lessons he learned during a pilot project that used the application monitoring tool on a portal through which physicians accessed both patient data and internal workflow data.

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The benefits of deploying an application monitoring tool

Brian Eastwood: Hi, this is Brian Eastwood, Site Editor of
at the HIMSS10 conference. I'm joined by
Curt Kwak, the CIO of the Washington State Region for Providence
Health & Services. Thank you for joining us today, Curt.

Curt Kwak: Thank you, Brian.

Brian Eastwood: First of all, what are your general impressions
of the conference been, and what have you been focusing your
attention on most?

Curt Kwak: Like I was telling another journalist yesterday, just validation
on our existing vision statement for our region, and making sure the
technologies that we're looking at or have been looking at are truly what
they are supposed to be. A lot of demonstrations, a lot of discussions,
as well as a lot of white paper that I've been reviewing around the different

Brian Eastwood: I know that one of the technologies that you had been
using for your pilot program was Vantage from Compuware. What types
of applications were you monitoring during this pilot program?  

Curt Kwak: We monitored one of our primary clinical products, specifically
the physician portal. It's a critical application for physicians to access
critical health information data about the patients, as well as to enter
workflow data that they need to manage on a daily basis.

Brian Eastwood: OK. What did you learn from using this monitoring
technology? How did you department operate differently? How did the
physicians operate a little differently?

Curt Kwak: Well, just from what I observed initially, we're excited about the
capabilities that we have seen so far, as far as the product description,
as well as the pilot, and also the availability of specific information, like
the dashboards, and a lot of the detailed information that we currently
don't have access to, which will help our analysts be more informative,
as well as more skilled supporting these applications for our clinical staff.

Brian Eastwood: In using this technology, what have you learned about
why it's an important resource for Providence Health? What is your
takeaway from that pilot program?

Curt Kwak: My hope is to help mitigate a lot of the perceptions that our
clinical staff have, not only in the way we support these staff to our systems,
but also the performance and capability of the systems as well. We need
much more than just words of encouragement. We need quantitative data
as well as metrics that will show exactly what we're doing and what they're
doing when they're using the system.

Brian Eastwood: Thank you very much for taking some time out of your busy
schedule to chat with us. I do appreciate that, and best of luck with your
full implementation.

Curt Kwak: Thank you so much, Brian.

Brian Eastwood: OK. This is Brian Eastwood from

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