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RSNA 2014 covers gamification, informatics and analytics

This is the second half of a two-part video interview with Rasu Shrestha, M.D., filmed at RSNA 2014. Part one, which covers the rapid advancement of mobile technology in radiology, can be seen here.

Employees that are immersed in the details of their work in an IT department should take time to consider how their efforts affect the patient experience. Maximizing the performance of hospital technology and fixing repeated clinical workflow errors are critical to improving patient treatment, according to Rasu Shrestha, M.D., chief innovation officer at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

The challenges of healthcare's move from paper records to digital include the multiplication of siloed data and information repositories that aren't interoperable, which complicates the process of exchanging data between systems, Shrestha said.

Shrestha, who trained as a radiologist, also discoursed on a topic he is passionate about: how health IT professionals can use their positions to advocate for patients. He went on to explain how informatics and analytics -- another of his key RSNA 2014 trends -- can help turn undifferentiated health data into actionable information, which ultimately helps those who consume and pay for healthcare: the patients. A goal of caregivers should be presenting patients with data they can easily comprehend and use to stabilize or improve their health.

The shortage of studies and presentations about gamification in radiology -- and across the entire healthcare industry at RSNA 2014 -- was disappointing to Shrestha. He remains hopeful physicians and patients will respond positively to the playful peer pressure and friendly competition aspects of gamification in healthcare. "Efficient delivery of quality healthcare is about making it fun," Shrestha said.

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