Patient advocate Regina Holliday paints HIT at Datapalooza event

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Most people, by now, know Regina Holliday's story: After her husband, Frederick, lost his battle with cancer – along the way, the couple also had to fight another brutal battle to get his case file moved between five different facilities -- she has become a forceful advocate for opening access to patient data.

Recruiting others in the HIT universe to her cause has become her mission, and she does so in a unique way: Painting jackets for men and women that tell each patient's story in an illustration they wear on their backs. By now, more than 100 of Regina's jackets can be seen roaming HIT conferences and trade shows.

We sat down with Holliday at the Health Datapalooza in early June to talk about her most recent paintings, as well as the success of an exhibition she held in Washington, D.C. There, vendors, federal policymakers, journalists and other HIT stakeholders gathered to see her work.

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