EHR adoption is easy but HIE is hard, Blumenthal says

WORCESTER, Mass. -- At Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick's second annual health IT conference, former national HIT coordinator Dr. David Blumenthal gives a 50,000-foot view of the American health IT landscape and the future of electronic health record (EHR) adoption.

In his remarks, Blumenthal explained why he's confident physicians will eventually buy in to EHR adoption. Building a nationwide network of health information exchange (HIE), however, faces significant barriers -- and its construction could take years, if not decades.

While health IT analysis and trendspotting at this point in time is still mostly theoretical, Blumenthal shared a study from a Canadian peer who determined that no HIE has been built to date that can support more than 9 million patients. Once that and other obstacles are solved, HIE could become a reality.

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