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Three-part series: Tips for managing a hospital wireless network

Based on interviews with three health care leaders, this three-part series offers tips for implementing and managing a hospital wireless network. recently interviewed three health care leaders who oversaw hospital wireless network expansions at their facilities. The result of those conversations is the following three-part series, which examines everything from implementing a hospital wireless network to planning for medical radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

Ten steps to an improved hospital wireless-network implementation
From regulating guest use to drafting tight RFPs, to planning far into the future, these tips should help health IT owners get a hospital wireless network up and running smoothly.

Addressing HIPAA privacy compliance on hospital wireless networks
Medical devices, tablets, smartphones and RFID are forcing hospital wireless networks open. HIPAA privacy compliance is harder than ever, however. Here's how CIOs can cope.

Medical RFID for patient, inventory tracking coming to hospitals
Medical RFID tags for patients and inventory are still a few years away. Prudent CIOs should plan now, however, so their hospital wireless network can handle the added traffic.

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