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A quick look at iPad EHR systems

As iPad adoption among medical professionals climbs, EHR vendors are developing versions of their software for the iPad. Here's a look at key features of 11 such systems.

With Apple Inc.'s release of the new iPad and the impending halfway mark of 2012 bringing the meaningful use deadlines...

ever closer, many electronic health record vendors are creating iPad EHR apps to help doctors and other health care workers do their jobs efficiently and on the go. Wherever a wireless connection is available -- or if they spring for an iPad with 3G services, wherever they can make a phone call -- health care providers using the iPad have a number of EHR apps from which to choose.

Virtualized iPad EHR applications

Like the Web-based versions of Care 360, the EHR system from Quest Diagnostics Inc., the iPad version, with its colorful and clear layout, is easy to learn and use, the company says. Physicians can view patient health records, including their symptoms, previous medications and diagnoses, as well as review lab results and approve prescriptions. A mobile Care 360 application is available for the iPhone.

Many vendors are creating iPad EHR apps to help doctors and other health care workers do their jobs with efficiency and mobility.

Practice Fusion, an established EHR vendor, has partnered with LogMeIn Inc., a remote access software company, to create a free iPad version of its already popular EHR product (that requires a one-time $29.95 LogMeIn initiation fee). Practice Fusion is an advertising-based service: Consumers can opt for an ad-free version that costs $100 per month. This iPad EHR helps doctors schedule appointments, manage medical billing, stay up-to-date on new lab reports and prescribe medications in a secure online environment without their having to be tethered to a laptop or desktop computer.

General Electric Co.'s EHR software products, GE Centricity Practice Solution and GE Centricity Advance, also are making the technology jump. The company's new iPad EHR application lets doctors access critical patient information and enter clinical notes anywhere, from their patients' hospital rooms to their own home. Aiming to take full advantage of the iPad's touch capabilities, the app lets the user flip through pages and zoom in on images.

NextGen Healthcare Information Systems Inc. has created versions of its ambulatory EHR system for a number of different mobile devices, including the HTC Droid, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad. NextGen Mobile for the iPad lets physicians review and update medical records outside the office. They also can use the system for e-prescribing, reading lab data and keeping in contact with co-workers in the office. NextGen claims its system increases revenue by optimizing care, and reduces medical liability through better documentation of out-of-office practices.

ClearPractice LLC offers both iPhone and iPad applications for subscribers to its full EHR system, Nimble. With the app, doctors can review and update patient charts, view schedules, write new prescriptions and look over lab results. With such features as lists of patients to be visited and intra-clinic messaging, this iPad EHR is designed specifically for staff members to take with them on hospital rounds whenever the physician is unable to be there.

Greenway Medical Technologies Inc.'s Prime MOBILE offers access to all the patient information stored within Greenway's flagship EHR application, PrimeSUITE, from an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.   Users pay a monthly subscription fee for PrimeSUITE. The application enables complete remote access to patient data and features appointment scheduling, charge capturing and direct communication with partners and staff.

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc. has released a mobile version of its EHR software in the form of an iPad application available through iTunes called Wand. The application incorporates a technique used by NASA and allows for quick access to appointment lists, patient lab results and charts as well as the ability to input patient information and vital signs, and connect to local pharmacies for e-prescribing.

Promoted as the first ever free, ONC certified Web-based EHR system, Mitochon Systems Inc. now offers a mobile app along with its bundled EHR service. The application, which is available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch through the Apple App store, lets physicians access EHR data -- including patient charts, appointment schedules and e-prescriptions -- from their mobile devices, even without a wireless connection. Security features include encryption and the ability to wipe information from specific devices remotely.

HealthFusion Inc.'s MediTouch EHR is designed specifically for use with the iPad but is also compatible with Windows. This iPad EHR application utilizes optimized touch-technology for more efficient use with the device's interface. The program lets physicians view important patient charts and data. In addition, they can take pictures of relevant materials and manipulate and draw on them as necessary with the MediDraw tool.

The IMS system, meanwhile, lets physicians and other authorized users access patient charts and medical histories through an encrypted server. The program also allows access to patient billing and medication information as well as scheduling. Free demo versions of this iPad EHR are available upon request.

Native iPad EHR applications

Dr. Chrono Inc. calls its free, native iPad app the "most affordable EHR on the market." Dr. Chrono offers many features one would expect from a mobile EHR -- paperless medical billing, lab results from anywhere, the ability to access and update clinical notes -- plus such features as speech-to-text technology. It is the first native iPad EHR application to obtain ONC-ACTB certification for meaningful use.

The native iPad EHR app from MacPractice Inc. packs useful features into a clean-looking layout. Users can track daily appointments, view patient diagnoses and clinical notes, electronically prescribe medications, and communicate with other clinical staff. All patient-centered content comes with the option of adding a photo, so patients can become more than just a chart, symptoms and numbers. The content is fairly customizable as well.

Mediforms EMR by Idea Oven LLC will be available for the iPhone and iPad. The application takes advantage of the devices' touch capabilities, and particularly the large screen of the iPad, to create fast, efficient and mobile electronic health records. Mediforms uses templates that cater to the information capture needs of specific specialties. Mediforms EMR Lite is free through the Apple App Store. The full version, which will allow for the use of multiple templates and the export of data in the PDF file format, is slated to come out soon.

Designed specifically for Urology, meridianMobileis a native mobile application from meridianEMR. Although designed for iPhones in particular, the application is available through the Apple App Store for use on the iPod Touch and iPad as well. The application allows for the immediate and automatic retrieval and modification of patient information, without the need to sync with a computer. The program also provides access to patient scheduling, pharmacy information, prescription alerts, photos and billing information.

Finally, IQMax Inc. offers iPhone and iPad applications that let health care providers keep track of their schedule and rounds, check clinical results, capture charges and dictate patient notes.

This tip was updated in April, 2012 to add additional summaries for iPad EHR apps.

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