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A buyer's guide for choosing an EHR system

Choosing an EHR system can be a daunting task, but this buyer's guide will help demystify the process. Learn about key features and the questions to ask in the search for an EHR system.

Now that health care providers know the rules for demonstrating meaningful use of electronic health records, they can begin the search for an EHR vendor. Choosing an EHR system can be a daunting task, with many features and vendors to sort through. This buyer's guide outlines key EHR technology features and helps providers learn which questions to ask as they search for an EHR system.

Finding the right EHR vendor for your facility
For solo physician practices, as well as multihospital systems straddling state lines, the steps for choosing an EHR vendor are similar. This buyer's guide covers all the bases.

Key EHR technology features to consider
An investment in EHR technology should not be taken lightly. Here we identify EHR systems' key features -- from CPOE to data exchange -- that providers should weigh before buying.

Web-based EHR may make sense for some providers
A Web-based EHR system may be preferable to a bulky, client-based application for providers concerned about high implementation, maintenance and infrastructure costs.

Need advice on buying EHR software? Here's whom to ask.
Don't invest in EHR software without seeking input from peers, affiliated hospitals, local information exchanges and above all, employees. Here's what to ask and what to expect.

Keys to a successful EHR implementation
The EHR implementation process can take months, even years. Ongoing communication and regular training will make it run smoothly -- and result in meaningful use reimbursement.

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