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Where HIE, physician practices and ACO data analytics meet

Tom Doerr, director of innovation research at Lumeris, discusses how ACO data analytics will lead to new payment models.

Thomas DoerrThomas Doerr

While many pundits, analysts and media observers may harbor opinions on how U.S. healthcare will build the accountable care organization model, few parties can be considered actual stakeholders in the process.

Tom Doerr, M.D., Lumeris' director of innovation research, is one such stakeholder. Not only is he a practicing geriatric internist in St. Louis, but he's also the brother and business associate of legendary tech venture capitalist John Doerr. His practice and his investment strategy both hinge upon successful accountable care organization (ACO) rollouts. In this podcast, we get his vision of how ACO data analytics will drive new payment models in U.S. healthcare -- and how he puts it to work every day.

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