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Telemedicine reimbursement has ATA leaders optimistic

In a podcast from the ATA annual meeting, ATA leaders expressed optimism because of telemedicine reimbursement.

LOS ANGELES --With six new states recently approving telemedicine reimbursement parity in line with conventional medical services, leaders of the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) expressed optimism about the future of telemedicine.

Jonathan Linkous, CEO of the ATA, and the group's incoming president-elect, Reed Tuckson, M.D., told SearchHealthIT in this podcast recorded at the ATA's 20th Annual Telemedicine Meeting & Trade Show that telemedicine is now part of the healthcare mainstream.

"It's a show that's happening in the middle of a tsunami," Linkous said in the podcast, adding that some 25 states now have approved telemedicine reimbursement parity for healthcare services performed remotely.

Linkous said telemedicine has become a top priority for healthcare CEOs, and is also important to healthcare provider CIOs, though he said telemedicine is still more of a clinical service than an IT tool.

Tuckson said it is also a fortuitous time for telemedicine because of the growing emphasis in healthcare on population health, value-based reimbursement and patient-centered care.

"It's really becoming increasingly obvious to the world that it's unfair to deny people life-saving techniques because of myopic views," Tuckson said, referring to efforts to restrict expansion of telemedicine services.

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