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Telemedicine pediatrics is focus of new telehealth provider offering

The Nemours children's health system is offering pediatric telemedicine services for out-of-state patients as part of the new American Well telehealth exchange.

MINNEAPOLIS -- Shayan Vyas, M.D., is a pioneer in telemedicine pediatrics.

As medical director of Telehealth Florida for the Nemours children's health system, Vyas is overseeing his multistate pediatrics provider's foray into telemedicine pediatrics as part of the new American Well telehealth exchange.

In this podcast recorded at the American Telemedicine Association Annual Conference and Trade Show (ATA 2016), Vyas explains how families in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Florida can select Nemours pediatricians based in Florida and Delaware for primary and urgent care telehealth services.

Nemours plans to expand the service soon to Maryland and New Jersey, according to Vyas.

"They will see Nemours physicians right away, if they're seeking pediatric care," Vyas says.

The Nemours CareConnect telemedicine pediatrics program, along with similar telehealth services for adult patients from the Cleveland Clinic and LiveHealth Online from insurer Anthem Inc., is probably the most ambitious telehealth endeavor yet for pediatrics.

Shayan Vyas, M.D., medical director of Telehealth Florida for the Nemours children's health systemShayan Vyas, M.D.

The three major healthcare organizations unveiled their services at ATA 2016 with American Well, one of the country's biggest telehealth vendors.

The American Well Exchange system connects patients in different states with healthcare providers in other states, taking advantage of a more favorable regulatory climate that allows more providers to practice in multiple states.

American Well uses video conferencing technology from Vidyo to enable real-time virtual visits, as well as asynchronous video that can be stored and forwarded to providers and patients.

Vyas says he sees a market for Nemours in telemedicine pediatrics because healthcare consumers will recognize the Nemours brand.

Nemours also is set up to provide telehealth services with good production values and full HIPAA privacy compliance, Vyas says.

That means physicians are recorded with good lighting and in private settings, away from bustling clinical areas.

"We're live today," Nyas says during the podcast, which was recorded just after an American Well press conference announcing the exchange.

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