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Report shows small group practices need to secure more than HIPAA data

Verizon breakdown of health care data breaches show organized hackers preying on doctor's offices, mining patient financial data.

Because of new laws going into effect and potential federal HIPAA audits coming next year, securing clinical data on their networks is a priority for CIOs. But right now, it turns out patient financial data is stolen more frequently, according to a Verizon study of 60 health care data breach investigations.

Wade Baker, Verizon managing principal of the company's Risk Team, sat down with SearchHealthIT to discuss what his group discovered when they examined: Who is attacking physician offices, and why? The bumper sticker: Organized crime syndicates -- not the Hollywood Mafioso type, but workman-like networks, many of which are based in Eastern Europe -- are exploiting security weaknesses to turn data into cash as fast as possible.

That means they target data points like Social Security numbers, credit cards and other financial data. In this podcast, Baker also offered advice on how IT leaders can discover and begin securing these network vulnerabilities so your patients won't be the next victims.

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