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Probst: National patient identifier would reduce cost, increase safety

Marc Probst, VP and CIO at Intermountain Healthcare, discusses a national patient identifier's impact on patient safety and reducing healthcare costs.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- By his own admission, Marc Probst, vice president and CIO at Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City, is not enough of a data scientist to explain exactly how much health information exchange would be simplified if Congress were to overturn its ban on a national patient identifier. He just knows in his gut it would make data exchange a lot more efficient.

Marc ProbstMarc Probst

In this podcast recorded on-site at National Health IT Week's policy meeting of the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives, Probst talks about the complications that a lack of patient identifier creates. He also explains how software vendors' late delivery of upgrades for meaningful use stage 2 is slowing implementations among providers, and how to illustrate sometimes difficult-to-understand, abstract concepts of health IT systems to legislators in a way that will help them understand the problems CIOs are facing.

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