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Pre-HIMSS 2014: Forms, standard order sets can lead to data governance

George Hickman, CHIME Foundation chair and CIO at Albany Medical Center in New York discusses what drives health data governance at his organization.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Many healthcare providers are struggling with health data governance as they prepare to run data analytics on their clinical systems, participate in accountable care organizations, and report measures surrounding population health management.

In this podcast, recorded during the CHIME CIO Forum preceding HIMSS 2014, George Hickman, executive vice president and chief information officer at the Albany Medical Center in New York, and CHIME Foundation chair, explains how his organization is making strides toward data nirvana. While Albany Medical is not quite there yet, he sees standardizing forms and order sets as effective steps toward strong data governance.

George Hickman, CHIME Foundation chairGeorge Hickman

Hickman also talks about new initiatives the CHIME Foundation will launch at HIMSS 2014.

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How to define and approach healthcare data governance

  1. Open EHR systems can allow for more innovation and collaboration, while closed systems make data governance easier to manage. In which direction is health IT headed?
  2. 2014 promises to go a long way in defining organizations' future data standards, as health information managers work with their IT staff to comply with ACOs and HIPAA privacy rules.
  3. A strong healthcare data governance plan relies on better IT solutions to provide more data availability and security.
  4. The increased quantity of information that healthcare data analysts now have access to isn't necessarily a good thing. Learn what is critical to know before you dive into any new data sets.

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