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Improving security in health care with identity and access management

As health care records move from paper to electronic, the rules for identity and access management must change. This podcast explains the basics of IAM in health care.

The context for interaction is very important in solving identity and access management issues, but it often comes down to a few key questions: Who is accessing the data? When and why is it being accessed? These questions are particularly important in the field of health care, where the data being accessed can be extremely personal. The advent of electronic health records and online patient portals brings about new challenges with resolving identity and managing access to individuals' health care data.

In this podcast, we learn about the basics of identity and access management in health care from security expert Stephen Gantz, founder and principal architect of Gantz discusses some of the approaches to -- and challenges with -- identification and authentication in the health care industry.

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A look at identity and access management in health care

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