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How telehealth services benefit from mobile device adoption

The head of the American Telemedicine Association notes how the popularity of smartphones and tablet PCs has triggered innovation in mobile telehealth services.

TAMPA, FLA. -- The rapid adoption of mobile devices has triggered technological innovation in telehealth services that bring value to physicians and patients alike.  

Speaking from the American Telemedicine Association's 2011 ATA conference, Dr. Dale Alverson, ATA president and Medical Director of the Center for Telehealth and Cybermedicine Research at the University of New Mexico, noted that he has seen "thousands" of health care applications for smartphones and tablet PCs. Specific telehealth services include high-level video conferencing and remote patient monitoring.

In this podcast, Alverson also addresses the burden of telemedicine credentialing, which the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is aiming to change but which still restricts the adoption of telehealth services.

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