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How one provider took the lead on vendor's telemedicine system design

New vendor-provider collaborations address real-world telemedicine system workflow issues, ironing them out in the development stage.

AUSTIN, Texas -- If you want to solve a healthcare problem, ask a nurse. Wendy Deibert, RN, vice president of telemedicine services for Mercy Health Inc., a large hospital chain headquartered in Chesterfield, Mo., collaborated with Rubbermaid Healthcare to design a wall-mounted unit specific to Mercy's emergency and intensive care departments for monitoring telemedicine systems.

Wendy Deibert

Wendy Deibert, RN, standing next to the Rubbermaid Healthcare unit she helped design for Mercy's telemedicine workflow.

Provider-led vendor partnerships like these help health IT software and hardware companies get real-world testing and design baked into their products, and the provider gets a customized answer to their needs, which they couldn't develop themselves. In this podcast, Deibert discusses what the as-yet-unnamed wall-mounted unit will be used for when it comes out of beta testing. Here's a hint: Spreading experienced nurse expertise across intensive care and emergency department units during short-staffed nights and weekends.

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This was last published in May 2013

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