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Healthcare big data analytics: Mythical beast or emerging trend?

Our reporter hits a data analytics conference looking for examples of big data in healthcare. Here's what he found.

A fair number of healthcare attendees showed up at The Data Warehousing Institute World Conference in San Diego. Rubbing shoulders with these folks and taking in speaker presentations, former SearchHealthIT reporter and current SearchBusinessAnalytics site editor Ed Burns sought examples of emerging healthcare big data trends like those you read about in vendor marketing materials and from big-thinking analysts.

What did he find? Is there finally some concrete evidence that big data is saving lives from a clinical perspective and has become the patient-care breakthrough we've all been looking for to drive population health management into the next decade? Or will big data in analytics healthcare remain as elusive as the yeti, Sasquatch and Loch Ness Monster? Tune in to this podcast to find out.

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