Health data analytics success for John Halamka, plus wearables

Health IT CIO John Halamka turned to analytics to treat wife's cancer. Health data cybersecurity and wellness were also on the agenda in this podcast.

When his wife was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center CIO John Halamka, M.D., turned to health data analytics for a precision medicine-based treatment.

It worked. Kathy Halamka is in remission after John Halamka unearthed treatment plans for patients with similar genetic profiles and applied similar treatment protocols, explained news writer Kristen Lee, a member of the SearchHealthIT HIT Squad, in this podcast.

John Halamka recounted the health data analytics success in an installment of Lee's video profile of the noted CIO.

Also in the podcast, SearchHealthIT news and features writer Shaun Sutner, the other HIT Squad member, discussed his reporting on how Virtua Health Inc., southern New Jersey's largest healthcare system, worked with health IT security and privacy consulting firm CynergisTek Inc. to protect the provider's patient health data.

Lee and Sutner also talked about the most recent SearchHealthIT tweet chat on wearable health technology, which the reporters turned into Storify recaps about issues associated with wearable health technology.

Sutner looked at the cost and definitions of wearables in health IT, finding that costs are considerable but perhaps possible to overcome, and that some health IT pros define the medical use of wearables as when they are used with patients.

As for Lee, she reported that wearables are becoming increasingly relevant and important to patient care, particularly when they help motivate patients to take more responsibility for managing their own health.

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