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HIPAA-compliant backup in the cloud for solo docs, small group practices

Survey says: HIPAA-compliant backup for small health care practices isn't happening ... yet. Cloud could be key, moving forward.

According to a recent survey from cloud backup vendor Carbonite, survey respondents -- mostly solo and small group practices -- who indicated they work in the medical field aren't creating HIPAA-compliant backups.

The health information privacy and security law mandates disaster planning, uptime and backup plans; almost half of the respondents indicated they backed up their data two or more days ago. Furthermore, they rely on friends and family to evaluate technology instead of devising a systematic backup plan based on industry best practices.

New HIPAA enforcement rules and audit procedures for providers are on the horizon. We sat down with Carbonite Senior Vice President Pete Lamson to talk about the survey results, and how solo physicians and small group practices can step up their compliance.

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