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FBI joins cybersecurity discussion at HIMSS 2015

Cybersecurity guru Mac McMillan, in a HIMSS 2015 podcast, says state-sponsored and criminal threats against health data sometimes overlap.

CHICAGO -- While cybercrime and state-sponsored attacks on health data storehouses are multiplying rapidly, it's really the attention to threats to health data that has been magnified in recent months, according to cybersecurity guru Mac McMillan, CEO and co-founder of health data security firm CynergisTek, Inc.

The new, intense focus on cybersecurity, comes in the wake of reports over the past year of massive data breaches at insurers Anthem and Premera, McMillan acknowledges in this podcast recorded at the HIMSS 2015 conference and exhibition.

McMillan said, at times, cybercriminals and state-sponsored hackers -- who are usually looking to steal business practices and workflow processes from large U.S. healthcare systems -- are the same people.

As for the FBI, it sent an agent to HIMSS 2015 to talk about cybersecurity. It is the first time the bureau sent someone to the conference. McMillan, a former Department of Defense security official, said help from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security is welcome.

"This is not going to be a problem we solve locally," McMillan said.

For McMillan, the best new security technologies are the ones that alert providers to trouble.

"For me, the number one technology is for data loss prevention, the ability to monitor what's leaving the system," he said.

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