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CRM goliath Salesforce aims at dominating CRM for healthcare market

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A CRM system for healthcare as explained at Dreamforce by Josh Newman, M.D., Salesforce chief medical officer; and a visit to West Coast ambulatory EHR vendor Practice Fusion.

CRM for healthcare is trending and no less a company than CRM goliath Salesforce is intent on dominating the market.

By most accounts, Salesforce has, indeed, become an unmistakable presence in CRM for healthcare a little more than a year after introducing its Health Cloud system.

At Salesforce's massive Dreamforce 2016 user conference in the company's home base of San Francisco, Salesforce chief medical officer Joshua Newman talked on video about the development with SearchHealthIT news writer Kristen Lee.

In this HIT Squad podcast, Lee recounts how on her recent California reporting trip, Newman told her that Salesforce is succeeding in this relatively new arena and how the medical community needs the customer service and  patient engagement orientation conferred by CRM for healthcare.

With Shaun Sutner, SearchHealthIT news and features writer and HIT Squad colleague, Lee also chats in the podcast about her visit to San Francisco-based ambulatory EHR vendor Practice Fusion, Inc. She visited with the company's vice president and chief medical officer, Richard Loomis, M.D., and captured the interview on video.

The company has successfully pursued a cloud-based approach to EHRs for small and medium-sized physician practices with a pricing strategy that essentially makes its systems mostly "free" for users. The company has done this, in part, with advertising revenues from testing labs and by selling anonymized client data.

Lee points out in the podcast that Practice Fusion's urban office also maintains a completely dog-friendly policy and employees are allowed to take their pets to work.

Sutner notes, meanwhile, that an East Coast competitor of Practice Fusion in the ambulatory EHR segment, Amazing Charts, LLC of Rhode Island, has only recently started to move to cloud-only systems.

Lee's videos, including another she recorded with the CIO of John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, Cal., are scheduled to be published on SearchHealthIT in the coming months.

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