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Connected medical devices seek a place in clinical setting


Increasing medication adherence via sensored pill bottle

Source:  Kristen Lee
Visual Editor: Megan Cassello

NantHealth's Vitality device takes medication adherence a step farther by not relying on patients to log that they took their medication; instead, the device tracks the opening and closing of a pill bottle. The Vitality GlowCap is a smart cap with sensors, as well as a bottle and a mobile app.

The pill bottle cap starts beeping and flashing when it's time for a patient to take his medication, and it will record when the cap was removed and put back on. Patients can also be alerted that it is time to take their medication via the mobile app, email or a phone call. This can be useful for patients taking multiple medications. All this data is collected in the mobile app and can also be viewed by a provider via a portal.

Some experts believe that having patients manually record that they took their medication is not always a reliable and accurate way to track medication adherence because there's a chance that, although the patient recorded that they took their medication, they didn't actually do so. This is where the cap with sensors comes in because then at least it is known that the patient opened the pill bottle, raising the chances that medication adherence was achieved.

Healthcare organizations interested in such technology include payers, pharmacies, clinical trials, wellness programs and insurance providers.

Photo: Kristen Lee/TechTarget

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