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The five most innovative technologies at Connected Health Symposium 2015


The eShirt brings connected clothing to healthcare

Source:  Kristen Lee

The eShirt is a wearable undergarment -- a camisole for women and a vest undershirt for men -- that continuously monitors and wirelessly transmits a broad range of high-quality vital signs, such as heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature, as well as other measurements such as electrocardiogram data, posture and activity.

"It connects people simply and comfortably to medical professionals and loved ones at anytime from anywhere," said Robert Stone, founder, CEO and CTO at Medical Design Solutions, the producer of the eShirt, based in Milpitas, Calif. "It's uniquely positioned to enable healthcare systems to reduce both hospital admissions and readmissions among the elderly and chronically ill. So it provides quite a bit of information."

That information from the connected clothing can be provided locally to healthcare offices, sent to the cloud, and sent to an FDA-approved application that can automatically notify healthcare providers.

"The device has limits that are set and anomaly analysis and can automatically send a text or email message to the care provider," Stone explained.

The eShirt aims to help aging populations because they are in need of more monitoring and more healthcare. The eShirt is also aimed at those who suffer from chronic diseases.

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