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CareNotify: Using secure messaging to improve the patient experience

Source:  Courtesy of HealthGrid
Visual Editor: Sarah Evans/TechTarget

Hospitals struggle with customer service aspects of their business, a problem that HealthGrid Corp., in Orlando, Fla., jumped on with its CareNotify mobile app.

Via a patient's mobile device, CareNotify can improve the patient experience by providing care documents and discharge instructions via secure messaging instead of getting a pile of papers, said Varun Hippalgaonkar, vice president of strategy and business development at HealthGrid.

"We're basically closing the loop," he said. "These touch points between the patient and provider typically have been very cumbersome, what we're trying to do is make them automated and make them mobile."

The way it works is secure links -- which are specific to patients and their phones -- are sent to mobile devices. Hippalgaonkar said the company also uses multifactor authentication to ensure all information is secure.

"We've created a series of what we call mobile experiences for the patient," Hippalgaonkar said. "The thing that really overwhelmed us was the fact that most provider organizations … don't actually have an inherent mobile strategy even though they're consumer businesses, and every other consumer business in the country is now driven by their mobile engagement strategy."

HealthGrid partnered with Miami Children's Health System to develop CareNotify in order to achieve this goal of connecting patients, providers and care teams with secure messaging.

For example, when a patient is supposed to show up for an appointment, the patient can use CareNotify on a mobile device to check in beforehand. Patients can either check in for their appointment while they're at home or when they get to the physician's office, Hippalgaonkar said.

"Similar to what you'd see if you went to the airport," he said.

He added that via CareNotify, education surrounding patients' health can be continuously pushed to them instead of dumped on them all at once when they are discharged.

"How much information is being passed to the patient at the point of discharge? It's overwhelming because patients at that point are supposed to be taking responsibility for their own care, and oftentimes they're inadequately prepared for that," Hippalgaonkar said.

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What mHealth apps have you found most effective in improving the patient experience?
I received a care notify txt msg. When I click on the link nothing happens. Do you need to download an app? How do you open it
I have the same question as Karen. Thank you.
Same question as Karen and pesky41
Saaaaaaame question as Karen Taylor, Pesky41 & Paul Hudspeth.
Same here

I received a notice from my Dr. to log onto CareNotify to get the results of a recent office visit. A simple phone call would have been more efficient, This site is awful
For you guys that are trying to open the link , eve if by now I imagine you have it figured out, if clicking on the link on your phone doesn't work you might not have browsing capability on your phone. Just type in the link, character by character, into your computer browser, then log on and you should be good to go.
Regarding the utility of the system: besides being more time efficient for your MD's office ( staff can send out notifications in slower times) it also leaves you with the possibility to calmly review/print your results which isn't possible with a phone call.
How do you get your care notify information into Microsoft Health or vice versa to share with your medical provider?
Older person with poor eye sight and limited use of right hand. 
Texting is awful -- really bad system!!
I have found carenotify to be totally inaccurate with their information on my health record! When I inquired with multi physicians they all deny even knowing who carenotify is! When I try to communicate with carenotify to straighten their mess out I get no reply except this venue. I NEVER agreed to share my health information with carenotify and am on the verge of taking legal action for HIPPA violations. It wouldn’t be quite as bad if their information were correct.
where do i go to see my personal results on this site ?