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Conference recap examines highlights from AHCJ and HxD

In this conference recap, SearthHealthIT reporters Ed Burns and Don Fluckinger review highlights from the recent AHCJ and HxD conferences.

This conference recap podcast looks at some of the high points from the Association of Health Care Journalists conference and the Healthcare Experience Design conference, both of which were held in Boston this March. At both conferences, attendees shared big ideas for how to improve the delivery of care and technology's role in making that transformation.

The content at journalists' conference is mostly for reporter types, but the topic of health IT was ever-present at the AHCJ show. National Coordinator for Health IT Farzad Mostashari, M.D., participated in a panel discussion on the relevance of research regarding the benefits of EHR implementation and also gave an exclusive interview to SearchHealthIT.

At the Health Experience Design conference, speakers discussed how to make health IT more meaningful. Rodrigo Martinez, life sciences chief strategist at design and consulting firm IDEO, said effectively using IT tools is about more than enabling doctors to do their current tasks digitally. He said a complete redesign of how physicians operate will lead to the most effective use of health IT.

Take a listen to this podcast to hear more on redesigning the health system, evaluating evidence of health IT's benefits and how to wrangle a bow-tie-tying lesson out of Mostashari, a man known for sporting bow ties at public appearances.

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