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Spotlight on health care transformation at iHT2 conference

Panelists at the iHT2 conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. will explore how new technologies can help bring about health care transformation.

With greater efforts to facilitate health information exchange, the explosive use of personal mobile devices, and the development of technologies that connect various care settings, there is little doubt health care is in the midst of a transformation. 

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Mobile health, telemedicine adoption, information exchange and other initiatives all point to a common goal: Increasing patient engagement and fortifying the provider-patient relationship. Behind these goals is a transformation in how care is delivered and paid for.

But health care transformation isn't something that will happen at some far off point in the future; the changes are happening today, right now. At the Institute for Health Technology Transformation's iHT2 June summit in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., panelists will explore these initiatives and how they're being adopted among providers.

Through new technologies, providers are bringing the exam room to the patient. These initiatives -- also known as TeleX -- are the backbone of health reform, according to advocates who will participate in the iHT2 June summit. Teaching physicians to use new technology for diagnosis and treatment, and allowing patients to be involved without having to travel or wait in crowded office lobbies improves both care and satisfaction for all parties. But it's a work in progress, say proponents, who point to outdated payment models and regulatory burdens that are stifling innovation.

Tune in for a deeper discussion on TeleX and health information exchange during iHT2's summit and hear how proponents are driving their programs, and organizations, to better care.

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