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Jul 2 2013   7:26AM GMT

Are big technology vendors shifting their focus to the cloud?

Posted by: RedaChouffani
cloud services, solutions

Many technology vendors are gaining interest in the IP acquisitions and cloud services market. These types of products and services are being added to the portfolios of many healthcare IT executives. Within the healthcare arena, the need for storage will always be in demand. Though how data is being stored will change, as seen with the current shift toward electronic data. As data management, analysis and visualization solutions continue to grow, so does the need for cloud services. This has become an attractive market for many storage vendors.

Many hardware manufacturers are joining companies like IBM in pushing for more comprehensive offerings to help provide the biggest value to their clients.

The following is a list of products and services that are being considered by many technology vendors:

Mobile devices: With mobile devices and tablets outpacing the total PC sales during the past quarter, The increase in mobile device use is putting significant pressure on PC manufacturers to increase their mobile product selection. The market is dominated by the likes of Apples and Samsung, however some of the newcomers have seen success and have been able to leverage their client base from the PC world.

Consulting services: Companies such as IBM and Oracle have been able to help their clients by providing them with consulting services. In return, this provided a strong value proposition to their clients and ensured a long lasting relationship. By leveraging the existing relationship these vendors already have with the clients that purchase hardware from them, they are able to extend beyond the conversations around warranties and technology, and are able to offer more meaningful services.

The cloud: In the hardware business, storage and servers are a significant amount of a company’s revenue. More organizations are electing to move toward cloud based services and require less hardware. Whether it’s to store large amounts of DICOM or medical imaging files, or simply host emails online, the decrease in server and storage needs means that vendors must quickly adapt and offer cloud services of their own.

The software: For some time now we have seen Dell increasing their acquisitions. Products such as SonicWall, SecureWorks, and Quest Software are helping Dell push products of their own to clients and increase the value proposition to their clients. This gives Dell the ability to pick and choose what products their clients truly need.

Comments recently made in one of Michael Dell’s presentations to the company’s stakeholders outlined the need for their company to change their focus. His comments are a clear indication that most PC manufacturers must evaluate their offerings and ensure they are in line with where the market is heading.

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