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Jan 28 2013   8:46PM GMT

What does a hospital-based EHR or SaaS mean to innovation?

Posted by: RedaChouffani

As we continue to see a shift toward new payment models for care delivery and more care collaboration and information sharing, adopting or participating in Software as a Service (SaaS) by a hospital for independent physicians seems to be the path of least resistance.

The costs and complexity of implementing on-premises EHR and attempting to connect to a local or regional HIE appear to be awfully difficult for some facilities. This is in contrast to a simple hosted solution offered by one or more of the local health systems, which offer built-in HIE and access to community patient records.

For these reasons, many are wondering what impact some of the hospital hosted EHRs or EMRs will have on independent physicians, as well as EHR vendors and innovators.

Many think these large EHR systems will not offer enough flexibility for independent physicians to adopt new ad hoc solutions that will plug into those systems without the approval of giant software vendors and hospital systems. Others are confident that these systems have all the modules that physicians need.

Traditionally we have seen innovation stem from open architectures and shared standards which under the prolific innovations are created. Many health systems argue that it is far more critical to impose specific standards to ensure systems are working properly and to avoid errors and bugs.

It is hard to predict the full impact and future outcome of some of these health care changes. I still hold to the belief that newcomers to the market will offer disruptive technologies, including technology that will eventually change how we view EHR products and how clinical information is used and shared.

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