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Jan 21 2013   9:55PM GMT

VA RTLS contract re-awarded to HP

Posted by: RedaChouffani
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The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) re-awarded $543 million to HP’s Real Time Location System (RTLS) contract this week. The technology the VA selected will help them track over 152 medical centers and several ancillary facilities.

The contract is using vendors such as CenTrak and WaveMark. HP recently had to reengage with the VA after IBM challenged the initial selection. In addition, the VA is requesting that the HP Enterprise Services division build a data repository which will not only centralize all the collected data, but allow them to perform analysis on it as well.

When the VA released the request for proposal in November, 2011, the stated goal was to take advantage of an RTLS’s ability to facilitate processes that improve patient care efficiency and effectiveness, reduce staff hours spent searching for equipment, and allow for more accurate and less expensive inventory levels within the VA. The RTLS would also help improve the efficiency of targeted business processes in its hospitals, clinics, offices and cemeteries to support the missions of Veterans Health Administration and other VA entities.

RTLS solutions continue to attract more and more hospitals, as the systems allow them to track assets, patients and staff, thus improving safety and care. Accordingly, RTLS vendors continue to tout the different benefits implementing the tracking systems can produce. Still, some hospitals use a variety of solutions; from passive to active radio-frequency identification tags.

As we continue to see the number of hospitals implementing RTLS solutions grow, the corresponding increase in data is being processed and analyzed for new insights. In some cases, organizations are leveraging the combination of instant contact or communication to alert nurses or clinical staff within a specific proximity, others are utilizing workflow engines to execute specific events that are triggered through specific events.

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