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Nov 27 2011   10:26PM GMT

Uses of health care kiosks as checkout systems

Posted by: RedaChouffani
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Kiosks have been utilized in many different markets for years. Whether you are in an airport checking in and printing your itinerary or at a retail store checking out groceries, you’ve been privy to using a kiosk for a transation at some point in time for some purpose or another. For health care organizations though, many of these devices are now being used during the check in or registration process.  

These self-service abilities help hospitals reduce data entry, delays in the waiting room and ensure the accuracy of the information. Some of the functionalities integrated into these kiosks thus far has been:

· Biometric patient identification: Some kiosks are shipping with biometric identification systems, such as Fujitsu’s product, where a patient’s palms are scanned and identified in the system.

· Revenue collection system: Kiosks also provide a quick way to notify patients of their balance and co-pay and attempt to collect the owed amount prior to the time of visit.

· Data collection: Kiosks also provides the added functionality to capture new patient registration data and insurance details. This allows for the data to be entered once and pushed directly into the PM system.

· Patient check-in: The system allows the patient to check-in directly at the kiosk, which eliminates the need to visit the front desk. The system will automatically notify them of his or her arrival.

But there are some entities that have identified additional functionality that can benefit both the patients and health organization. Some health executives identified that by putting the kiosk units in the check-out area, patients will find them useful. Some of the examples of functions implemented at a check-out kiosk are:

· Patient health records summary: Patients can use the checkout kiosk to access their up to date medical record, print or upload it to one of their chosen PHR systems.

· Referral management: Patients can also review the referral and get details regarding schedule, directions and registration forms that may be needed.

· Patient education: Patients can elect to print or email themselves the education about their condition that the care provider discussed with them.

· Revenue collection: For some of the physicians using an EHR, organizations have the ability to know right after the visit the patient’s responsibility by using claim adjudication functionality.

As hardware costs continue to decline, the increased use of tablets and kiosks in health care facilities will become evident. Caregivers will begin to substitute mobile devices for PCs, and light weight, low cost, low maintenance devices may encourage a greater adoption of a kiosk based check-in/check-out system.

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