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Sep 11 2011   9:05PM GMT

Top 5 reason why tablets are a favorable option for your next trip

Posted by: RedaChouffani
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With the continuing increase in popularity for devices such as the iPad and Android based devices, many users are foregoing their laptops and are instead opting for mobile tablets, comfortably catching up on their work while out of town or during their commute. And there are many reasons why it is becoming a trend to simply do away with the laptop and stick with a tablet:

Top 5 reason why tablets are a favorable option for your next trip out of town:

1. Battery life: For many iPad users, the advertised battery life is about 10 hours. But many tests have shown that 6 is about what you can get out of it, and of course a lot less if you are watching videos or using wi-fi. Regardless, considering the lengthy battery life in comparison to a regular laptop, the tablets are an attractive choice for users looking not to be connected to a power source for too long.

2. Quick boot: As we’ve all experienced at some point, when you pull your laptop out of sleep mode or doing a fresh boot up, the system takes it a while to be fully loaded. This means that if you have an urgent email to write, you are most likely going to have to wait for the Windows / Linux splash screen to go away. But many of today’s tablets are just as quick as a smartphone, providing instand access to email and whatever applications you need in order complete urgent work.

3. Quick install: Selecting the right installer for your workstation operation system version requires some knowledge of your PC. It also means that some applications may not even be available for your version. But with many of the tablets and the existence of App Store/Marketplace and a single click installer, the simplicity and ease of application deployment on many of the tablets available today make them an increasingly attractive option.

4. Remote processing: As is the case many health care organizations, virtualizing environments, moving  desktops to data centers and going the way of the cloud is a new trend they’re exploring. This of course is in line with many of the capabilities of the tablets, which have apps that allow them direct access to a virtual desktop. Whether it is Citrix or VMware View, a user can have all the functionality that a standard business desktop with Windows has to offer directly from their device with full audio and video support.

5.Lightweight: For many of today’s leading laptop manufacturers, they recognized that users want lighter, more portable computers for ease of travel and use during a commute or on the go. But no matter how light or thin, it is very hard to compete with weight of iPads and tablets alike. They have been the ideal device for note taking, messaging, video conferencing, rich content viewing and even gaming.

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