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May 2 2011   6:12AM GMT

Tips that will help in time management

Posted by: RedaChouffani

For many healthcare technology executives proper time management is one of the most important skills that help ensure success. And dialing with the daily distractions that constantly sabotages their focus on the tasks at hand. But like it or not, most distractions are a necessity and do also need some attention. But how to juggle between all the daily tasks, fires to put out, staff challenges, reviewing project progress, staying up to date with technology and so forth becomes a daily battle.

There are several steps that one can take to help stay on track and in control of their time while keeping the distractions in check:

Turn off email pop up notification and set up different times throughout the day to check your emails. Especially with the volume of emails that are coming in when most of the spam is filtered out, there is plenty of other business spam that gets through that needs to be scanned through.

Help others with their time management to ensure they are more efficient and productive; this will also help them reduce the unnecessary interruptions to you.

Always use a to-do list or have all your goals listed while going through your day. This keeps you in full focus and on top of your deadlines.

When you are in a middle of a project and you are requested to assist on a task, it is ok to schedule it out. This will ensure to others that you can dedicate time to work with them, and give them all your attention, plus they will appreciate the fact that you are completing your own critical tasks.

Make meetings meaningful and ensure you have an agenda.

When others come to you with problem, look for a way to help them and help you. One of the best tips I have received was from one of Dale Carnegies in the book “Stop worrying and Start living”: When others come to you with problems, request that they ask themselves four questions prior to coming through the door: What is the problem? What are the causes of the problem? What are the possible solutions to the problem? What is the best solution to this challenge? This method has helped me a lot resolve challenges that face some of our team members as well as keep the meetings short and to the point.

“Come earlier and leave a little late” has always been a useful way to balance the daily work/life schedule. This helps get more work done during the mornings with very little interruptions and also gives just enough time to catch up at the end of the day with team members and late meetings. But also allows us to get home or to the Gym at a decent hour and sufficient time to spend with family.

Categorize your to-do list and group all items that are similar or required similar actions. This will help create more efficiency.

This list is a simple reminder of some of the habits that can help all of us throughout our daily work. By taking some simple steps we can continue to be efficient, productive and balance our time spent between home and work.

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