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Jun 4 2012   9:29PM GMT

The surgeon will prescribe along with medications a mobile App

Posted by: RedaChouffani

One of the challenges that hospitals face is how to continue to reduce infection related and post-surgery ER visit cases they see. Many executives are looking to identify ways to improve safety and compliance internally.  But in some cases, post-surgery ER readmissions are simply due lack of communication between patient and clinician which results in delays in identifying issues that could be treated easily.

Some have taken an innovative way to resolve to help curb the readmission rate. By monitoring the patient’s wounds and health remotely, they are able to catch things earlier and potentially avoid ER visits all together.

This is being done via smartphones and mobile devices.  When a patient has been discharged post an ambulatory surgery, they are provided with an app to download to their mobile device, and with that they receive daily questions and follow ups, as well as requests for incision photos that are uploaded and monitored by clinicians.  If at any point the patient’s condition is cause for concern, they are requested to visit a clinician or an emergency room.

By remotely monitoring the patients this close, hospitals are able to save healthcare dollars and provide better care.

Some of these Apps also provide additional information such as:  How to properly care for incisions, medication management as well as general patient services.

Mobile Apps continue to help reshape the future of healthcare and with the increase of user adoption; this technology has tremendous potential to save healthcare dollars while providing improved care.

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