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Sep 17 2012   9:11PM GMT

The impact new releases such as iPhone 5 have on health care IT

Posted by: RedaChouffani
iphone5, Medical devices

Wednesday, September 12th 2012 was marked by the release of the much anticipated iPhone 5. The device itself is lighter and provides other benefits such as longer battery life, improved screen quality, and an upgraded operating system.

The increase in smartphone usage has brought some new challenges for IT departments, including the health care market. IT teams are continuously having to ensure that they have enough security, as well as management capability, to ensure that their staff’s new devices can adequately serve their purposes without jeopardizing security or limiting their deployments.

Mobile device selection tends to be end user driven, unlike with desktops and servers. It is hard to define clear differentiators for many of these products at the hardware level, which can be problematic for IT departments. The eight pin connector on the new iPhone has many people concerned. This mainly impacts manufacturers who have developed a remote medical device that connects to the iPhone through the traditional 30-pin connector. Ensuring compatibility by supplying enough adapters to convert use of a 30-pin connector into the new eight-pin connector will add more work for IT folks and device manufacturers.

The iPhone 5 will provide significantly better performance than its predecessor, despite this minor setback. It will enable more mHealth Apps to take advantage of the graphics chip, processor, and display to bring better quality medical imaging, faster response from the native apps, and improved information exchange speeds.

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