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July 9, 2012  9:45 PM

Are too many choices for tablets good or bad for healthcare?

Posted by: RedaChouffani
Microsoft, surface, tablets, Windows 8, windows mobile

During the June month, Microsoft announced the introduction of their own tablet named surface.  Microsoft described the availability of two tablet models toward the end of 2012 one Intel based and the other ARM processor based.   Having a vendors such as Microsoft enter the tablet arena...

March 4, 2012  11:19 PM

Windows 8 promises a different look and fee of windows

Posted by: RedaChouffani
Microsoft, Windows 8

With the latest release of Windows 8 Beta, Microsoft is providing a sneak peak into what ultimately will be the operating system that will provide a consistent experience through all hardware platforms. Whether it is a smart phone, tablet or...

December 18, 2011  9:51 PM

Lessons for EHR vendors from Office 365 and Google Docs

Posted by: RedaChouffani
EHR, EHR functionality, EHR usability, EHR vendors, Electronic health records, Electronic medical records, EMR, Google, Google Docs, mhealth, mHealth apps, Microsoft, Office 365

For a while now, Google has been the front runner when it comes to web-based productivity applications.  With their Google Docs application, the company released a 100% browser-based solution that allows end users access to and use of a cost effective substitute to the Microsoft Office suite. But...

July 3, 2011  4:16 PM

Microsoft Kinect and its official push for health care

Posted by: RedaChouffani
Kinect, mHealth applications, Microsoft

It's pretty clear that Microsoft is actively pushing Kinect in the health care space. Even during the absence of the official SDK (software development kit) for business applications, many have managed to use the widely-available, “unofficial” drivers to...

June 5, 2011  9:39 PM

What is Windows 8 going to bring to the healthcare arena?

Posted by: RedaChouffani
Microsoft, OS, Windows, Windows 8, Windows Operating System

This week Microsoft revealed a quick sneak peek of its Windows 8 Operating System, a new platform with the ability to run on multiple platforms, from...

January 20, 2011  9:51 PM

Can Windows Phone 7 stay in the race and become the ultimate enterprise device?

Posted by: RedaChouffani
mhealth, Microsoft, Mobile enterprise, windows phone 7

Microsoft continues to be a major player in both the health care and enterprise markets, whether it's in the operating system, server software, or business productivity tools arena. But what's been more impressive in the recent year is how well Microsoft products play with each other, whether it...

November 7, 2010  10:31 PM

Is Microsoft ready for round 2 in the mobile arena

Posted by: RedaChouffani

When covering the subject of mobile computing one can think of only few successful platforms. From the iPad, iPhone to the Android and Blackberry. But recently Microsoft has attempted to reenter the mobile area with their Windows 7 Phone WP7. Critics of Microsoft say that it is too...

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