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Aug 29 2010   11:05PM GMT

State HIE, NHIN CONNECT and now NHIN Direct

Posted by: RedaChouffani
In the last few months NHIN Direct (National Health Information Network) continued to work toward getting the system live and running. Currently the focus seems to be on the Pilot projects for the following entities:

  • Pilot Project Brief – Rhode Island Quality Institute
  • Pilot Project Brief – Medical Professional Services (MPS)
  • Pilot Project Brief – MedAllies
  • Pilot Project Brief – CareSpark
  • Pilot Project Brief – Carolina eHealth Alliance
  • Pilot Project Brief – Redwood MedNet
  • Pilot Project Brief – VisionShare and Public Health

It is clear that plenty of progress is being made from the reported success for these pilots. The goal of NHIN Direct since its introduction in 2010 was to test and facilitate the set of standards proposed under the NHIN specifications and requirements. By using several use cases, the NHIN direct and the organizations listed as part of the Pilot projects are able to perform some of the early testing to ensure that the solution is ready for release.

Currently the NHIN Direct has over 23 use cases or User stories that it uses. These are being used as part of the testing of the functionality of the system. Within the proposed use cases, a subset is focused on testing the Meaningful Use criteria. This will ensure that the system will assist in meeting the stage 1 requirements for the CMS incentive program. Some of the stories include:

  • Incorporating lab results back into the EHR as structured data (Not scanned documents or Image PDF, but structured data)
  • Submission of CCD (summary record) to another provider
  • Receiving summary of care from specialists
  • Receiving discharge information from Hospitals
  • Submission of Immunization data electronically
  • Hospitals submitting chief complaint data to public health agencies
  • Submission of specific lab results for specific conditions to public health agencies
  • Patient reminders to preventative care
  • Providing access to patients for their PHR

It is clear that not only many states have already engaged in the creation of a state wide or community based HIEs to facilitate the exchange of health information, but with the current capabilities of NHIN CONNECT and NHIN Direct, it seems that it can be also a viable alternative to many organizations. Ultimately the selection will most likely be based on the several other criteria.  From the availability of specific integrations at that state, to the added value services that may be offered.


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