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Aug 15 2010   11:57PM GMT

Speech recognition in healthcare

Posted by: RedaChouffani

In recent weeks, I have been talking to few physicians that have finally made the jump to Dragon.  Many of them realized the potential costs savings that they can achieve simply by exchanging the digital records with a USB microphone.

What I was not prepared to see is how challenging the task of training the system to receive a good accuracy where you don’t have to spend hours correction the notes. In addition, one of the biggest concerns as more and more start adopting this technology is the simple fact that most of the data capture is not structure. This means that if you were to run a query on the system for a meaningful use requirement, chances are that not of that data would be queried or mined.  But what makes some of the technology makers like Nuance different, is that they are offering SDK (Software Development Kits) for EHR software makers to integrate the dictation system so that a physician can simply dictate an encounter, or SOAP notes just by simply using natural language processing.  This would enable specific parts of the content such as Exam findings, History, and such stored as structure data.

In addition, several EHR vendors have incorporated additional advanced workflows and functionality into their solutions.  For Epic, if physicians are not able to dictate immediately, they can record their findings into the chart and an automated workflow routes the audio file to the transcriptionist or automated transcribing server while still preserving the audio file right inside the chart.

So to make the best use of your dictation system, and identify new ways to further reduce your costs.   it is most definitely worth spending time training the system and correcting any errors that arise.  This will increase the accuracy in the long run.

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