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Dec 10 2012   10:33PM GMT

Hot topics from mHealth summit 2012

Posted by: RedaChouffani
mhealth summit, Mobile

This year’s mHealth summit saw a significant turnout, and a wide range of topics were covered during the conference. There was innovation review, expert panels, and great speakers. Many of the subjects covered during the sessions provided great insights into the transformative capabilities of mHealth and the impact it is having and will continue to have on health care.

Mobile devices have shown they be used to capture information and coach patients with chronic diseases, in addition to being gateways to critical information. There were also mentions of some of the new voice integration capabilities that enable further use of mobile devices alongside voice recognition and clinical language understanding (CLU). Innovators such as Nuance discussed how they are enabling health care software developers to use mobile platforms and their engine to further enhance the capabilities of applications and enable the capture of information within a clinical context.

There were other discussions around EHR products that integrate with other mobile platforms such as WellDoc, and the new benefits that patients can derive from such mobile health applications.

These mobile applications have a patient-centric focus. Personal empowerment, health maintenance, real-time functions, personal record keeping, health coaching, education and self-care, and data capture are some of the services available via mobile applications.

Big data, BYOD and innovative communication models using short message service (SMS) and other means to share information with patients were other topics discussed during this year’s summit. All these topics provide insight into some of the current opportunities and challenges that health care is faced with in the mHealth arena.


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