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Aug 13 2012   8:54PM GMT

Social Business intelligence and its impact on patient volume for physicians

Posted by: RedaChouffani
SBI, sentiment analysis, social BI

Social media has been a great source of some personal information on individuals.  Whether you are looking to identify what are the likes or dislikes of a person before a date, or simply curious about a job candidate and their habits and hobbies, the accuracy of online information is not always reliable, as well as questionable practices around privacy. However for some it can significantly influence the decision one way or the other.

Online posts and opinions will become more significant for healthcare providers as more patients will look to different Internet sites to decide if the medical organization will provide them with all the care they need.

One of the services we will begin to see more often is online services that will provide a comprehensive summary of an organization or a provider ranking.  These would provide a general overview and ratings based on multiple sources and compare to others.  Future services will consolidate data from several sources about physicians such as: (Google, Yahoo, Yelp, CQC, malpractice, facebook, Twitter, and another online sources). This would truly give the patients a scorecard of what the overall sentiment is on the physician’s performance and enable them to make the appropriate decisions.

A recent announcement by Care Quality Commission (CQC) was a perfect example of how some are utilizing sentiment analysis, which is applied to Big Data to analyze the opinions expressed on care homes, hospitals, and physicians.

CQC awarded an initial 18-month contract for QinetiQ to provide the system, which would perform the analysis.

Many large organizations have used sentiment analysis to get insight on how their consumers are reacting to specific events, or simply identify how their brand is received.  Many of these technologies are getting more attention especially with the availability of the data that’s online.

It is highly recommended for any hospital and or providers to take these online surveys and reviews seriously as they can potentially dictate if the patient will visit the organization.  Online services such as has been providing assistance to help correct and alert individuals and enterprises for any changes to their electronic reputation.  There will eventually be more similar services as natural language process technology get more adoption and become the technology that every marketing department will be armed with.

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