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Jun 14 2010   11:47PM GMT

Smartphones and medical data exchange

Posted by: RedaChouffani
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Smartphones have significantly changed the way we interact and use data. But despite the wide use of Microsoft previous Windows Mobile operation system in the manufacturing and enterprise settings, there seems to be a larger demand for Apple and Google devices in the healthcare arena.

However with the existence of complex standards representing health records ranging from Lab results, immunization records, imaging, prescription, billing and EKGs which require different interoperability standards such as (HL7, XML, DICOM, X12, and aECG) , most existing mobile app developers are facing difficulties in identifying which direction to take.
While it is clear that the app store and android market have seen tremendous success in downloads of instant reference apps, medical calculators, and diagnostics tools, vendors must still continue to push toward mobile solutions that are more meaningful.

A recent release of an iPhone App “MyIR” is a great example of usable application that can benefit for interoperability standards. This solution is designed to assist patients or parents with tracking immunization records effectively. In most cases this information is kept at the primary physician or pediatrician. By having this app downloaded, all the information can be added during or after the visit to keep an up to date record. But many states Immunization registries do provide the functionality to export immunization records available for download using the HL7 format, this app can benefit from connecting directly with these state registries and download near real time information, thus eliminating data entry all together.

With the assistance of groups such as HITSP and the work of the HIT Committee, we are moving closers to completing standards and services that will empower software vendors to deliver simple, direct, secure mobile solutions that can deliver meaningful data to participants.

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