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Jan 23 2011   9:02PM GMT

Security threats that will dominate 2011

Posted by: RedaChouffani

September 13th, 2010 marked the end of the public comment period for proposed modifications to the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. Some of the changes outlined extend the Civil Rights enforcement to business associates and covered entities, also strengthening individual rights.   The challenge now lays in the new security threats that will most likely increase in 2011. In addition, with meaningful use requirements such as exchanging of electronic records, many IT staffers and CIOs are under pressure to ensure the protection of their patient health records.

On top of the list for security threats in 2011 is the Malware.  Many of these continue to come and infect the PCs without the knowledge of most Antivirus systems or end users. Malware makers continue to get more creative’s on how to get in your system and even install Trojans that can potentially have steal passwords and capture screen capturing tools that would be an automatic HIPAA violation.

The next threat is the hacking.  With the increased activities in the cloud from the health information exchange, there is an increasing chance for more hackers to attempt to gain access to these private and secure networks.

Since the use of Smartphone is on the rise, securing these devices from Viruses and Malware is critical. For many health professional the mobile devices present an easy and immediate way to gain access to patient information and communicate with the hospital, so it is critical to ensure their protection.

There are of course many others threats available to be concerned about, from Cyber ways, to exploits executed through Social networks.  Network and security administrators must be vigilant to monitor their network activities and ensure the use of the proper tools, procedures and policies to stay protected.


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