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Mar 18 2013   9:18PM GMT

Samsung’s mHealth dashboard

Posted by: RedaChouffani
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Today’s market place offers a number of smartphones to choose from.  Manufactures compete on design, operating systems, camera quality, battery life, speed and size, among other things.  Yet regardless of it all, each device manufacturer seems to be the first one to offer some unique feature and benefit.

Samsung has continued to gain market share with its Android tablets and mobile devices.  As many of these vendors recognize, smartphones are beginning to play a significant role in helping consumers track and manage their lifestyle and capture health related wellness.  In an effort to put one foot in front of its competitors, Samsung has announced its GALAXY S4, which features new functionality in health tracking capabilities, called “S Health.”

The new Android device will be able to assist its users with tracking workouts, daily caloric intake, weight, blood  glucose levels, blood pressure and sleep patterns.  These, of course, are common functions in several other apps. But Samsung had made a point to clarify that the newly released device will yield stats of the surrounding qualifiers during those activities, such as comfort levels. Much of this data will be displayed on the health board, which saves users the hassle of downloading multiple apps.

As more device manufacturers join the growing mHealth and telemedicine market, there will likely be much more integration between devices, as well as advanced capabilities to help consumers manage their lives.

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