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Nov 13 2012   6:40PM GMT

Public, private and maybe a personal virtual cloud

Posted by: RedaChouffani
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We are seeing more of a clear distinction of public, private and occasionally hybrid cloud adoption, after considerable conversation around the available adoption models. These are the different setups that organizations consider when establishing how to consolidate and substitute their on-premises server infrastructure for a more robust, flexible, and scalable one in the cloud.

The choice between public and private receives much more attention in health care and there is generally more hesitation toward the public option. With the privacy regulations and security concerns surrounding the cloud, some are hesitant to make the leap to release their complete electronic health records to a storage device that is not secure within their facilities. Some are still in doubt despite the tremendous advancements and available products which provide more robust security protocols for the data.

However, when we look at all the digital data that is being stored online and offered via the cloud that is more consumer centric, it would seem natural to shift toward a centralized and connected cloud-based personal data bank. This stored data includes cloud-based music libraries, personal files, family photos, videos, blogs, tweets, Facebook, messages, searches, product reviews, connections, professional skills, personal health records, and more. This will become the virtual personal cloud from which a virtual assistant will one day get a Google car to drive itself out from the parking lot and pick us up at the door without the need for a valet. Also, this will also enable us to centrally store our most valuable memories and have access to all of our digital world from anywhere at anytime without the worry of making backups of our growing private digital collection.

Health care will be a critical branch of our digital tree. Vendors must consider how we will consume future information in a world where our data must be able to¬† connect with other data and collectively offer a much bigger value, as they project how tomorrow’s personal health record will look.

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