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Sep 19 2010   9:31PM GMT

ONC anounces a new testing body for EHR certification

Posted by: RedaChouffani
ATCB, Certified-EHR

On September 17thof 2010 InfoGard Laboratories, Inc. from San Luis Obispo, CA announced that they will be the third ONC-Authorized testing and certification body. This will allow now all EHR vendors to select from one of the three established ATCBs available.


Some of the current certifying entities have already provided certain certification criteria,but one must note that the actual HHS certification program will not be released until the 20th, of September of 2010.


One key concern in the hospital setting is the unclear classification of interface engines that provide the exchange vehicle as well as conversion platform for vocabulary. This is keeping everyone watching to see if CMS will enforce certification of these “interfaces” or not. It is clear that an interface technically is not the actual EHR, however, it is the entity that will most likely interact with the HIE or outside entity to exchange health data.


The current certification criteria has been established to cover the stage 1 of meaningful Use. The published rate for one of the certifying bodies ranges from 19,500.00 to 23,500. This does seem to be a much more affordable cost than the previously anticipated costs.


For any vendor seeking a sneak preview of the current test procedures, the approved test criteria has been published and finalized on august 13th, of 2010 in the following NIST site:


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