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Feb 11 2013   10:20PM GMT

Proposed child health record standards for EHR

Posted by: RedaChouffani
Child Records, EHR, HL7

In most cases, vendors that provide EHR products to primary care physicians or pediatricians also offer software packages that track data elements. These data elements in turn track  health information related to the children they care for, including items like immunizations, growth data and other preventative care items.

Most of the functionality available in those EHR packages are somewhat similar in terms of the data elements they capture. Accordingly, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) recommended the creation of one common children EHR format.  The goal is to create a checklist for EHR developers looking to create solutions that capture health care information relevant to children.

The AHRQ cites the following areas as ones that should be discussed and accounted for when creating child EHR standards:

  • Patient Identifiers
  • Patient Portal – PHR
  • Prenatal Screening
  • Primary Care Management
  • Quality Measures
  • Registry Linkages
  • School-based Linkages
  • Security and Confidentiality
  • Special Terminology and Information
  • Specialized Scales/Scoring
  • Activity Clearance
  • Birth Information
  • Child Abuse Reporting
  • Child Welfare
  • Children with Special Healthcare Needs
  • Early Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT)
  • Growth Data
  • Immunization
  • Medication Management
  • Newborn Screening
  • Parents, Guardians, Family Relationships

The current proposed format contains the HL7 child health functional profile specification R1.  Having this formatting recommendation will help guide current and future EHR developers in ensuring that all the relevant data is being captured as part of the ongoing record of children.

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