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Mar 4 2013   10:39PM GMT

Mobile cart showcased at HIMSS13

Posted by: RedaChouffani
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Mobile carts continue to be a common solution for nurses to increase efficiency when caring for patients.  Over time, these mobile stations have provided nurses easy and quick access to PCs or laptops that help verify and dispense medication, enter notes, and review results for ordered tests.

While there are several models and manufacturers of these carts, some of the leading vendors offer models that resolve various nurses’ needs. One showcased today at HIMSS13 is Rubbermaid’s CareLink cart model.

These units will be used in surgery centers, emergency departments and the ICU, as well as for patient registration.  Some of its highlighted functions include:

  • Integrated into the cart communication tools: For nurses, having access to communication tools is very critical to be able to communicate with their colleagues without leaving their cart.
  • Centralized Asset Management tools: In order to help manage the fleet of the carts and maintain them a new centralized portal and dashboard has been supplied to help IT departments in hospitals manage these carts.
  • Data capture capabilities: The CareLink has a full color touch screen that provider’s applications that make it capable to be used as a data capture point.

Rubbermaid in this released cart has focused on maintaining the availability to load a PC/thin client or laptop, but also offered a built-in small touch screen tablet that provides additional functionality. While there have been many attempts to substitute PCs or laptops in the cart with much smaller computing devices such as tablets, there is still some resistance as many of the tablets do not fully support all the applications that nurses need.

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